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My education

Here are some questions that lots of young people ask us often about schools, how they work, what to expect!

Q) Apart from my Personal Education Plan, what other information will my school have about me?

A.  Your school has to know that you are looked after by Lambeth Council.  The law says that all schools need to know who is looked after in their school so that they can provide them any extra support they might need. 

Q) Will my school tell other teachers that I am looked after?

A.  In some instances, yes.  However this does not mean that every teacher in the school will know your ‘business’.  There will be a designated teacher in the school who will know all of the children and young people who are looked after.  They might tell another teacher to help them better understand you and your situation; or to help them share the education targets that you are working towards that were outlined in your personal education plan.  However, they will not tell the teacher WHY you are looked after without your permission.  If you are not sure which teachers know – you can ask your designated teacher. 

Q) I have missed some school - how will I catch up with my homework/coursework?

A.  Your school can help you to do this – if you are worried please talk to them.  They may provide a teacher to help you do this or may run study groups or homework classes that allow you to work in groups with other people that require similar support.   Your carer/key worker should also have received training that will help them support you with your school work.  You can ask them.  If you think you might need help from a tutor please speak to your social worker.  

Q) Who will help me catch up with my homework/coursework if I have been excluded from school?

A.  If you have been excluded for a fixed period your school should provide work that you can collect from the school and return for marking.  If your exclusion is for longer than 5 days then your school are responsible for organising full time education provision for you to attend somewhere else.

If you have been excluded permanently then this responsibility to find full education is passed on to Lambeth Council.  They will then talk to you and your carer/key worker about the options that are open to you.

Q) I am in year 6, how do I know what secondary school I will go to?

A.  This will be your foster carer and social worker’s job to make sure they fill in an application form by October of year 6.  It is a good idea to start talking with your carers/social worker about which school you would like to attend before you get to the end of year 5.

Q) I am in year 11, when should I make my application to college?

A.  It is a good idea to start thinking about applying for college at the end of year 10.  Your application forms will need to be handed in before the end of year break of year 11.  Deciding which college to go to should be based upon the type of course you wish to study, the success (or pass) rate of that college in the course you are interested in and the facilities and resources that the college have to help you succeed (i.e. is the library well resourced, can you get PC access? do they have counsellors or advisers that can assist with other issues?).  It is important that you choose a college that suits you and your educational needs and not just because your friends will be going there.