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Our health is important.  At different times we all needs some help with our health to make sure we are fitter, faster and stronger. 

British Heart Foundation

www.bhf.org.uk/cbhf (for children)
www.kidshealth.org/teen (for teenagers)

The British heart foundations have lots of tips for healthy eating and a healthy heart.  Check out their cool free recipes too for tasty meals you can cook.

Food Standards Agency


Information and tips on healthy eating, whatever your age.

Mental health


Information on children’s mental health

Mind, body and soul


New website for young people aged 14-16 and gives the low down on health in a fun and interesting way.

NHS direct


Free confidential information and advice on health and well being

No Panic


No panic information and confidential help for phobia’s and anxiety disorders

Royal College of Psychiatrists


Lots of useful information for young people about mental health

RU Thinking


0800 28 29 30
Information and advice about sexual health for young people.

Surgery Door


Information on lots of different medical conditions and advice on healthy living

Relationships and Sexual Health

Playing It Safe...

So the summer is on its way and a great time for friends to get together and have fun in the sun.  For many this is a happy and enjoyable time of the year and for many the season for new friendships and relationships to blossom. 

Relationships are fun and we know that a good relationship is when you are happy and comfortable and can truly say that you are friends.   Just because you may fancy someone or be going out with someone doesn’t mean that you must start having sex.  It could take you months or even years before you feel you decide you want to take things further and this is perfectly fine.

Remember take it slow, talk a lot with your partner and most importantly listen to your feelings.  But if you decide that you want to take the next step, what can you do to make sure that you have a fun filled time without any tears?

Here are some top tips for a safe and enjoyable summer….

  • Stock up on condoms, carry them with you at all times and make sure you know how to use them!
  •  Before you go out make sure someone knows where you are going and what time you are due home.
  • Try to go out with friends you know and trust and agree to all look out for each other.
  • Try not to have sex with someone you have just met.  If you really like them, organise a second date, playing hard to get will make them fancy you more!
  • Talk to your partner about using condoms BEFORE you get physical.  Once things hot up, talking becomes much more difficult.
  • If you do have sex, make sure that it is because you want to, not because you feel pressured, and ALWAYS use a condom.
  • Never be afraid to say NO to sex.
  • If you had sex and did not use a condom and you are not on any form of contraception pill you are at risk of becoming pregnant and getting and Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)
  • To avoid an unplanned pregnancy make sure you get the Emergency Hormonal Contraceptive Pill (EHC) from your local Chemist, Family Planning or Sexual Health Clinic.  This can be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex, but is more effective the earlier it’s taken.
  • Make sure you have a check up to see that you don’t have any STI’s. Even if you feel fine don’t assume you are, a number of infections like Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and HIV often have no signs at all.

There are many clinics around where you can get free and confidential help and advice, be tested for STIs, get contraception for you and your partner, receive emotional and relationship support and advice as well as get free condoms and pregnancy testing.

Remember that staff at these clinics are fully trained and really friendly and will never judge you, they will just be really impressed that you are taking responsibility for your health.  They never ask you embarrassing questions at reception or in front of other people and everything you say is confidential.

It’s really important to be aware that tests for infections and pregnancy can now be done using a painless urine test.  Some tests may be a little uncomfortable but you will never be forced to have a test that you don’t want.

To find your nearest clinic visit the RU Thinking Website (see below) or click on the Vital Digits Link that will give you information and numbers on different services across Lambeth.  You can also call Sex wise 7 days a week from 7am - Midnight on 0800 28 29 30.


Drugs and substances

There are loads of reasons why young people might take drugs.  Regular drug and alcohol use can lead to addiction and if caught with or dealing drugs you could end up with a criminal record. Whatever the reason, there is help available.

Want to find out more about drugs and help you can get?

Alcohol Concern


Information about alcohol use and links to local services



Information on drugs, the law, drug policy and latest research and policies.

Talk to Frank


0800 917 8765
Information and advice about drugs