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Youth Mayor and UK Youth Parliament

The Youth Mayor is a spokesperson for young people in Lambeth and provides a link between young people, the media, decision-makers and service-providers. So if there's something happening in Lambeth that you want to shout about – let the Youth Mayor know.

He or she also responsible for allocating £25,000 in funding to projects designed for and run by young people. They work with other members of Lambeth Youth Council to highlight and campaign on issues that are important to local people, from human rights to youth crime to local facilities and education.

Find out more about the Youth Mayor Fund here.

ycmeetingUK Youth Parliament Members (MYPs) get together throughout the year to put together a document called The Manifesto which represents young peoples' views on the issues MYPs think are most important. These might be student tuition fees, transport costs for young people, healthy living, or anything else that's important to you.

Across the country MYPs work to give young people a voice, listening to youth groups, organising events, making films, meeting MPs, organising campaigns, appearing in the media and generally making sure your voices are heard.

The 2012 Elected Representatives will focus on four key areas during their term, that they feel would go some way to improving the lives of young people in the borough.  These are:

• More events and learning opportunities for young people

• Opportunities for young people's voices to be heard through decision making

• Better relationships between young people, older generations and the police

• Young people to feel safer in their communities

Check out our Latest News to find out more about what they have been doing.


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