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Lambeth College - Post 16 SEND learners

Lambeth College is a college of Further Education based at three sites:

  • Brixton Centre, 56 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1QS
  • Clapham Centre, 45 Clapham Common South Side, London SW4 9BL
  • Vauxhall Centre, Belmore Street, Wandsworth Road, London SW8 2JY

SEND programmes are mainly held on the Clapham and Vauxhall Centres.

Teaching learning in our SEND area has been judged outstanding, and our success rates are consistently high for all our students. There is an emphasis in all our courses on progression towards meaningful destinations for all young people.

The SEND learners at Lambeth College are in full and part-time courses. They study on our Independence or our Employability pathway. Those on the independence pathway are more likely to progress to voluntary work and community activities when they leave College. Those on the employability pathway usually progress on to paid work, voluntary work and/or further study.

The College has good partnerships with a range of organisations including:

  • The Camden Society / Prowork Project ReCo College Shop at Clapham The Healthy Gourmet Café at Brixton that offers LDD students work experience
  • The special schools in and near Lambeth including: Lansdowne School, Turney School, Orchard Hill College, and Oak Lodge School for the Deaf for our 14-19 School Links programmes. Options in these programmes include: Introduction to the world of Further Education (FE); doing work experience in the college for example office support work, working in College shop; learning catering skills, construction skills and in other pathways to work. Courses and content are agreed by arrangement with the school.

Joining the College as a Student with Special Educational Needs and/or Disability

All applicants: are offered an interview, an assessment and a 'taster day' in College before enrolment.

Applicants with an existing Statutory Statement or EHC Plan will have that reviewed before admission to ensure that the required provision is in place to support their programme.

Students who have disclosed an additional support need on their application will have an initial Additional Learning Support (ALS) assessment prior to their course interview. This assessment will be attached to their application paperwork, and the recommendations will be read by the interviewing tutor.

When in the College

All students have:

  • Individual learning plans with personal targets and goals which are reviewed with them every lesson.
  • A support plan which is reviewed regularly. All proposed changes to support are discussed in advance with students, parents and carers.

Specialist Support

Specialist support from the ALS Team is available for students with dyslexia, learning difficulties, disabilities and/or health conditions including mental health, ASD, SLCN, ADHD, physical disabilities including visual and hearing impairment, specific language and English and maths support needs.

ALS provides:

  • Targeted assistance to settle the learner into the college environment.
  • Support for the learner to learn and use coping and learning strategies.
  • Help for the learner to be socially included in the college.
  • Mentoring to encourage, praise and develop a learner's independence and confidence.
  • Links with other staff e.g. tutors, careers, student support services etc. in order that the learner's needs are universally met.
  • Specialist assessments including Dyslexia.
  • Assistive technology to enable learners to access their learning and college resources.
  • Support for vulnerable learners during interviews for mainstream vocational courses.
  • Transitional in-class support for young people who are used to smaller groups, or who need study support to help them focus and concentrate.
  • Support as 1-1 sessions with a specialist tutor once a week. All students have access to daily ALS drop-in sessions where they can receive specialist study support.

Special programmes for young people with SEND aged 16-25 Years

Entry 1: Practical Life Skills and Independent Living Skills

Students will undertake: Internal Enterprise business projects, cooking and menu planning, art and media, music including live performance, drama and communication, sport, ICT, access to the community – including visits to key community locations.

Progression routes include: further study at E1, E2 or E3; Progression to further community linked programmes including leisure courses, volunteering, paid work and work placements.

Entry 2: Vocational Tasters for young students 16-18

This is a starter course for new learners who are working at Entry 2 level. Students study a wide range of vocational subjects, take part in numerous enterprise projects including a successful annual charity fundraising event. Progression routes include: further study at Entry 3 or on mainstream vocational courses

Entry 3: Vocational courses with emphasis on employment and work skills and/or preparation for further study

Students can study on our retail or catering pathways in our two social enterprise businesses – a working café and a working shop both based in the college, which offer real-life work placements for young people. Students can also join lessons in a range of vocational areas including Construction, Catering, Uniformed Public Services, Hair and Beauty, Sport, ICT, and others.

Students work with an Employment Advisor on a programme of work placements, CV writing, interview experience, and work experience. We work with a wide range of external employers, the local Council and the College to ensure all students benefit from real life work experience.

Progression routes include: Paid employment, volunteering, work placements, further study at E3 or L1 on mainstream vocational provision.


English and Maths

All our courses include English and Maths skills, either as functional skills qualifications and/or embedded in the students programme. All students develop and improve their practical English and Maths skills on our courses.

What support is available for students on these courses?

Each group of 10 students has a minimum of one teacher and one learning assistant. For students with higher needs 1-1 support can be allocated by agreement and subject to funding. All support arrangements will be discussed and reviewed with the young person and their parents and carers.

Other Courses

In addition to the specially designed courses there are opportunities to join other programmes with ALS support. Lambeth College offers the opportunity for young people with SEND to be included in all programmes of study with support as and where it is appropriate and if they meet the entry criteria for enrolment on those programmes. Please contact the college to discuss your needs and aspirations.

How do I find out more about the College and Courses?

Please contact the College to arrange a visit, either to ask initial questions or to arrange a taster session in one of their classes. Following taster sessions you and your parents and carers are invited to meet with the tutor or one of our managers to discuss next steps.

Information about courses and programmes of study can be found at www.lambethcollege.ac.uk/contact-us or by calling:

  • College main switchboard 020 7501 5000 
  • College SEND Administrator 020 7501 5700