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Lambeth Visual Impairment Service

For children and young people 0-25 years


The Visual Impairment Support Service (VI)

The VI service is a centrally funded service by Lambeth Borough Council. Our team includes three Visual Impairment Teachers, a Mobility Officer, and a Media Resources Officer.


What we offer

The Lambeth Visual Impairment Support Service provides Information, advice and support to children and young people aged 0?25 years who have been diagnosed as visually impaired and are Lambeth residents or attend a Lambeth educational setting. We offer support to parents and carers and also to schools in the folloiwng areas.

Support for parents / carers

  • We visit babies and young visually impaired children at home to help them make the best use of the vision they have.
  • We loan suitable books and toys from our library.
  • We provide information about eye conditions and support groups.
  • We support visually impaired children in playgroups, early years settings and schools.
  • We link with other professionals including Early Years Alliance and The Mary Sheridan Centre Paediatricians and therapists
  • We remain in close contact with parents / carers throughout their child's education and support transitions to school.
  • We support the child's inclusion in to the community where appropriate.

Support for schools

  • We support inclusive education wherever appropriate by providing a peripatetic service across Lambeth.
  • We work with other professionals from educational, medical and social services to meet individual needs.
  • We liaise with SENCOs and class teachers to provide information on eye conditions and to suggest strategies to ensure pupils have access to the curriculum and school environment.
  • We assess the functional vision of pupils referred to us.
  • We suggest strategies to help visually impaired pupils make the best use of their functional vision.
  • We advise on the use of low vision aids, and technology to ensure access to the curriculum.
  • We suggest appropriate equipment to promote visual access.
  • We teach specialist skills such as Braille and touch typing where appropriate.
  • We provide Individual mobility programmes to identified pupils, to develop independent travel skills such as using a cane, crossing roads safely and using public transport.
  • We adapt visual curriculum materials in to large print, Braille and Moon.
  • We contribute to Education Health & Care Plans (EHCP) and annual reviews where appropriate.
  • We support the social and emotional well-being of our visually impaired pupils throughout their school career.
  • We provide in-service training for teachers and support staff on the effects of visual impairment and strategies to help.


When to refer to us

Most visually impaired children are referred to us by the medical services. Nurseries and schools can refer a child to us using our referral form, if they are concerned about a child's vision and have supporting medical information.

Please contact us for a referral form.


How to contact us

The Sensory Support Service

Studio A01

Parkhall Business Centre

40 Martell Road


SE21 8EN

Tel: 020 3567 0602

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it