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GSTT Children’s Community Physiotherapy Service

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GSTT Children’s Community Physiotherapy Service

Who we are

We are part of Evelina London Children’s Healthcare under Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

What we do.

Our purpose is to help children with their movement skills so that they can become as physically independent as possible in activities and daily living.

This will help all children and young people to participate as fully as possible in their nursery or school setting, make friends, be more confident and learn better.

We work in open partnership with the children and young people themselves, their parents and carers and the schools and settings.

Pre-school children (0-4 Years of Age) and School aged Children and young people (Aged 5-19 Years ) in full time education.

You can get advice and support from us from our clinics, group sessions or our child development centre.

Referrals to our service are through your GP or through your Health Visitor or other health professional. If your child or young person has previously had physiotherapy from our service and has been discharged it is possible for you or for a young person (16-25) to make a self-referral to us.

If your child is attending nursery, pre school or school or college, and requires physiotherapy equipment such as a standing frame or walking frame we will visit the setting where necessary.

How We Work

We teach and train parents, and where appropriate, school based staff physiotherapy programmes aimed at improving your child’s movement. We work directly with young people so that they can take a lead part in their own therapy. We enable parents, and where necessary the school to provide opportunities throughout the day and week to practice these skills and movements. As the therapy progresses we monitor progress and revise programmes to achieve as much improvement as possible.

Monitoring will take place in the child clinic setting. .

Sometimes we will ask for a child or young person to attend an after-school group, school holiday group, or for a short block of 4 sessions.

click here for more information about the Physiotherapy Services offered where support is needed within a school or setting.

You can get information about us from our click here

Mary Sheridan Centre, 5 Dugard Way (off Renfrew Road), London SE11 Telephone 0203 049 6006.